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About his journey in music

DJ and music producer  living inUSA. He has got involved in the electronic music scene through some Colombian music academies such as Deejay Academy  and Baum Music School, where he modeled and perfected his technique working closely with DJs with great careers in the  electronic genre like Andres Power, Nando and Gerard who is considered as one of the most influential DJs in Colombia making a huge impact in the growth and positioning of Bogota in the electronic music spot in the world, Gerard is also founder and owner of the most representative clubs in Bogota: Cinema, Octava, Salon Continental and LOV. Deimian has developed his passion in the music under the influence of record labels such as Afterlife Records, Happy Techno and Drumcode exploring styles like melodic, progressive, house and tech house. His music style has also been shaped by the work of worldwide artists like Since 82, Michael Bibi, Marcó Carola, Rafa Barrios, Jan Blomsquist, Camelpath, Meduza, Miss Monique, Charlotte The White, Layton Giordani and Amelie Lens among others. His style came from Techno nevertheless his passion for electronic has taken him to musically innovate in genres such as melodic house. His motivation for music has led him to explore different electronic genres, not only as a DJ but as a music producer that has become the next level project for him. Deimian has released some mixtapes of melodic and future house in SoundCloud and his first single as a producer in the main digital platforms in August 18th 2023.

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